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College Football vs. The Pandemic

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What do I do now with my Fall sports plans?


Yes, I am aware that I used a boxing term. At least that is still live, as well as UFC, NBA, MLB, MLS, and a few conferences in the NCAA College Football ranks. I never thought that I would witness the ultimate collapse of many sports events, but yet, here were are. And now, it has officially hit the world of what I love and cherish: College Football.

With the Ivy & Patriot leagues being one of the first conferences to put a pause on all Fall sports activities,as well as Uconn being the first to cancel its football season, I, as well as many of sports enthusiasts, were looking at the possibility of a full season, many schedules were modified to no out of conference opponents, in which resulted in shorter season schedules.

I must admit, a little small part of my finite sports brain, had a feeling that a power 5 conference would also postpone their season. But having all the hope in the world, didn't think the inevitable would happen. did.

The Mid-American Conference made became the first FBS to postpone their football season. So this would be the ONLY conference that would do this, right? Well...

Then rumors swirled on August 9th, that the next FBS conference to postpone their season would be the BIG 10. Wait....WAIT!!! NOOOO!!! THIS CAN'T HAPPEN!!! So many different emotions went through my mind. I called my other sports friends who have teams they are rooting for in the BIG 10. Then after our venting and them talking me off my 'sports ledge', I realized that it is rumor stage. A rumor that I wished upon everything would have gone away. But it didn't. Well known football players from Clemson's QB Trevor Lawrence, to Ohio State's QB Justin Fields went on their Twitter handles with the hashtag, #WeWantToPlay, with a photo of the the power conferences list of what they wanted from this season, but more importantly, their voices to be heard. However, some of the players voices would be silenced.

BIG 10, the Pac 12 soon to follow On August 11th, made it official, that their Fall sports schedules have been cancelled. Or was it "Official"? Despite the statements being released from the ACC & SEC, stating that there WILL be a Fall sports, and that they are doing everything they can to make sure the student athletes and staff are practicing safe protocols and following the medical advice of the Medical Advisory Group, surely the BIG 10 and PAC 12 would change there minds. They did not. No season. No Fall sports. No football from either conference. I have more questions than answers, especially when a schedule was revised and made it seem like that, for example, the BIG 10 (because Michigan is my team of choice), that a season was going to be underway. That was few weeks ago. Fast forward to this and a quote from Kevin Warren, Commissioner of the BIG 10:

“You have to listen to your medical experts. There's a lot of emotion involved with this, but when you look at the health and well-being of our student athletes, I feel very confident that we made the right decision." Kevin Warren, BIG 10 Commissioner said at an interview Tuesday


I got two sides. My selfish side: I. WANT. FOOTBALL! Why can't this work out? The other 6 teams left are still planning to play. They are following ALL the protocols of staying safe, and have the number to prove it, so, why can't my conference, the other conferences' power that be see that? The student athletes are NOT being heard! Us fans are NOT being heard! How was their a schedule adjusted only for now to not have a season?


My logical side: I get it. I prepared (somewhat) of this possibly happening because this pandemic is quite serious. I'm concerned about the schools and universities who financially have been affecting. The mental of these students who have their football talents as well as the other Fall sport athletes. All around, this pandemic has shifted a lot of things and I hope with some of the conferences who are playing, will continue to be cautious, careful, and realize that because many fans like myself want our Fall traditions of sports back, safety must and ALWAYS be first.

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