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Calling all lovers of music! These headphones may be coming your way!

GOT INSTAGRAM? Then you're on your way to win these!!

On this weeks 'Heard That!' With Marisa Tigney Podcast, I'm interviewing the one and only Christian James Hand (@thesessioniglive), and those who have IG and follow him, are familiar with his musical brilliance. He does live music sessions on his IG as well as in person, (now that slowly the covid restrictions are being lifted in L.A.), and he takes songs that you and I may have heard on our favorite radio station or musical streaming apps, and breaks them down to show the appreciation of the instruments & the person or persons playing them. Listening to his session and jamming to the song he selects whether listening to it through your phone or computer is one thing, but with a set of headphones, the level of instrument brilliance and the vocals....let's just say that everyone, even Christian, has their musical minds blown during the sessions, but it can't be just any headphones you come to these sessions with. So, I asked him which headphones does he recommend, and behold (the above photo), the Sony Professional MDR (aka mirco dynamic receiver)-7506.

These are the headphones he rocks in all of his sessions. When I got these from my good friends at Guitar Center, the person that was helping me named Jacob, told me that of all the studio headphones that they carry, this one is the fastest selling one they have and usually would have to amp up their order because of it. These headphones are one of the most lightweight headphones I've owned. They fit comfortably, and can be worn for long stretches of time, especially if you are lost in your 'musical zone' during one of the sessions, you won't have to removed them off your head because they are THAT COMFORTABLE! So Christian and I are giving away THREE pairs of these! Here's how you can win yours:

  1. All the rules are on my IG page: READ THEM CAREFULLY (IG: Find the above image on my page.

  2. Follow our pages (@marisatigneypodcast & @thesessioniglive)

  3. Subscribe to both my website and Christian's (info on my page)

  4. Tag 3 friends. Enter as many times as you like.

Winners will be announced THIS WEDNESDAY, May 12th! Don't miss out on this awesome headphones (retail price: $100).

If you do not win, don't get upset, cheer for the winners! And you can order these from or

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