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Monica. Brandy. A Flashback to the 90's on Verzuz.

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Photo credit: Verzuz

Hope that you haven't been sleep under a rock during this pandemic time, but in case you have, and if you don't have an Instagram, now is a perfect time for you to do so!

Verzuz, series creators Swizz Beats & Timbaland have already blown me (and I'm sure many fans) out of the water with some of the battles that they masterfully have set up. My personal favs: Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu (but I saw that one as a celebration of Black Queens), Luda vs. Nelly (despite minor sound issues on Nelly's end), Jamaica's finest of Bounty Man vs. Beenie Man, Alicia Keys vs. John Legend (AK fan, sorry John), & 'The Healing' Celebration (did not see this as a battle) of Kirk Franklin & Fred Hammond. What I truly enjoy about these Verzuz battles is hearing the artist talk about the inspiration behind their hits and how that paticular song(s) connected to them in any way. But THIS NEXT ONE RIGHT HERE....this one is gonna make the guys get their baggy jeans and Tims out and the ladies in their cute tank dress and those thick black Steve Madden sandals, you know which ones ladies. Some of us owned a couple of pairs! (I mean, I might have....)

These ladies are vocal goddesses, with over 20 years in the music business. Both of them had chart toppers from Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down" in 1994 and Monica's "Don't Take IT Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) in 1995. These ladies have commanded a presence on the music scene and even teamed up with in 1998 with "The Boy Is Mine", which ended up being a number hit for 13 weeks and won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group. Despite all the success of these ladies career, many media outlets were focused on the rift that that these two had with one another that would last years. As much as these two are talented in their own right, many fans wanted, (or maybe just be), and reconnection of these two vocal powerhouses on the same stage, or possible tour.

Then...the pandemic hit. You know what happened with concerts and events from there.

However with the beauty of social media, Swizz & Timba, and the wishing that ALL OF THIS would come together, ladies and's happening!!!

Monica and Brandy, for one night only, a celebration on August 31st, 8 pm EST, live from Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, GA. I imagine a night of great music, memories, stories, hoping that somehow they sing "The Boy Is Mine" to its entirety, and a night where we will be once again blessed by two artists and prove overall that music makes the fans come together. We once again, will be the winners after all is said and done.

My Heard Take:

What take? I don't have one! I'M HERE FOR ALL OF THIS!!!!

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