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I am SO HONORED to be part of something that is meaningful to me! First, let me thank those who have made a purchase through the website at For every sale, a portion of the proceeds goes to non profit organizations and charities. October is breast cancer awareness month, and the stories that I’ve heard from many women are currently fighting this horrible disease, as well as those who are in remission. I wanted to be part of doing something to help the fight. I’m so proud to have partnered up with Taylor DeBerry, who has been a guest on the podcast, and is the owner of Taylor Candle Company, and together, we have created the ’Heard That!’ Candle. This limited edition, 100% soy, Vanilla candle is special, not because of the amazing scent (check the photo from my house), but the sale of this candle is for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds will go to a great non profit organization, let by breast cancer survivor, Sinnara Henderson, called ‘Ashes 2 Beauty Ministries, Inc.’ Sinnara and her team help many of these women, who are currently fighting this disease or in remission, and because of the chemotherapy treatments, these women can’t function in the way they desire to. That’s where A2B steps in. From grocery shopping, picking up the kids to and from school, cleaning their homes, bill payments, and so much more. They do all of this with the funding through their organization.

The candle is $40 and is available on the website! Thank you to everyone for the continued support. Check out this candle and other merch now!


I’m going to featuring my awesome #HeardThat merch and this incredible candle on ‘Talk Shop Live’!! (HOW EXCITING IS THAT?!?) On October 27th, at 7pm EST. Join me, Taylor, as we talk with the incredible Jennifer Ettinger (IG: fityourstyle) about my podcast journey, Taylor & I‘s collaboration, and more! Follow my TSL channel to get alerts of when we go live:

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