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Hail To The Underdog

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Photo: Michigan Wolverines via Twitter

I‘ve been on a horrible writers‘ block lately. I didn’t realize that it would have lasted this long. However, it wasn’t until I watched one of the greatest games, that I’ve ever seen in years. Those that follow me and listen to my show, know that I’m a huge Michigan fan since the early days of Desmond Howard dropping that Heisman pose in the end zone after he scored. I didn’t know what the Heisman Trophy was about, but the sights, the sounds of the crowd and the legend of Keith Jackson calling the game, got me hooked (mind you, most of my family are Spartan fans. Oops). “Those that stay”, “The Team, The Team, The Team”, and “A tradition of winning”, were ingrained in my head and my football heart. So fast forward to today, watching this game, and why did it mean much to me? Because this team, to sum it up in one word: ResiliThis team, under Coach Jim Harbaugh, has faced some scrutiny about how he couldn’t win against Ohio State, the inconsistency of wins against Michigan State, and the missed opportunity to win Bowl games. Almost every media outlet wanted this man gone, fans (for the most part), wanted him gone also. Rumors, assistant coaching changes, and an unfamiliar start to the season: unranked. All of those things replayed over in my head as week after week, this team started to make some improvements, and make some noise. I don’t need to bore you with play by play details from each week, and yes still in my mind, this team should have gone into playing Ohio State, undefeated. Once again, this team, despite sitting at number 5, was the underdog. It was a kid name Cade, quickness of Hassan (FIVE DANG TOUCHDOWNS!), the defense brothers & sack masters of Aidan (ahem, Heisman Finalist) & King David, the rising skills of Donovan, Erik, & A.J., and the guy with the cool last name of Schoonmaker. Mix in the consistent kicks of Jake Moody, and this team pulled off the biggest win. I must admit that after that incredible win against the Buckeyes, it was then that I knew this team can make a run and win the BIG 10 Championship. Wish granted! I expected this game to be down the wire, edge of my seat, holding my breath in between snaps and ridiculous calls from the refs from some invisible penalty.JJ to Blake, Donovan to Roman (an RB that can QB!). Aidan, O-JA-BO! THIS ENTIRE TEAM! The shifting of those that doubt this team in the media, on social media, was quite astounding to watch (yes, I’m calling you out Finebaum). I let the tears flow around the 4:23 mark in the 4th quarter. No shame. No regret. I’ve cried a few more times since. The best part of all of this watching it with my Dad, through various text messages and emojis. Priceless.

I‘ve watched the game against the Buckeyes now a total of 8 times. I’ve watched the BIG 10 Championship 3 times, and as I write this blog, a 4th time. And now, ranked #2 with an opportunity to really make a statement in the college football playoff, the Orange Bowl against #3 Georgia on New Years‘ Eve. Michigan is the underdog. Many are not giving this team a chance.Nothing new to these guys. Resilient. Determined. I believe.

Shock the world, guys! GO BLUE!

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