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The Promotion of a Lifetime

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

My sister gave me a gift that all the money in the world can not buy.

I'm officially a 'TT'.

If you don't understand those terms, I'm a Auntie. I actually been one for quite awhile through my marriage to Tim. 16 amazing nieces and nephews. However, on our side of the family, we did not have either. That was until my wonderful sister Naomi called me in the Spring to tell me that she was pregnant with her first child! Needless to say that I tried to hurry and eat my food in Chick-Fil-A, to run outside, get in my car and SCREAM to the heavens with joy!!! She then topped it off with another surprise a few months later. She sent me a text while I was recording my first episode of my podcast. I knew that I should have put my recording on pause, because I was truly not prepared for the text she sent me:

“Ok sister, so I'm allowed only 1 comfort companion so you have 34 days to research how to coach during birth and hold a leg lol...”

There wasn't enough crying emojis in the world. Shocked. Honored. A little bit nervous. All of that flooded my mental at once. Needless to say, I put the recording of my podcast on pause, and started looking up all things and responsibilities of being a comfort coach & doula. It felt like I was studying for the SAT's. I wanted to get it right as an Auntie. I definitely wanted to get it right now that I will be in the room during the important moment.

Everything leading up to this day was such a dream. The text at 4 am in the morning of August 22nd, 2020 would start of being the longest and most exciting day of my life. I always admired my sister for her toughness and determination, but the respect I had for her multiplied that day when after almost 24 hours of labor, going into the hospital when she was at 5 centimeters, over an hour of pushing, my beautiful niece, Noelle Reign at 4:46pm, arrived in the world. One of the best little cries I ever heard. She had her little eyes opened trying to listen to every word that was being said in the delivery room. Then she locked eyes with my sister, her mother, and at the moment, all was right in the world. I cried tears of joy. I was so grateful the whole time that my sister chose me. She chose ME to be there with her in that space. That oh so beautiful space. Our bond is close and I pray that it stays this close as she knows that I will always be there for her. For Noelle. Always. Due to the privacy and the respect I have for Mother and Child, this is the only photo I am allowed to share:

HUGE shoutout to the most AMAZING doctors and nurses at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI for making everything the best delivery experience for my sister. If they do read this blog post, PLEASE give a air hi-five to the Nurse Brenda (ALL THE FLOWERS TO THE HER), and the other delivery team members of Dr. Roper, Dr. Lai, Nurse Brenda (#2), Nurse Dayna, and in the Mother and Baby room Nurse Joanna & Nurse Bre, and Dr. GIbbs.

My Heard Take:

Family is everything to me. I take this promotion of responsibility with honor, gratitude and with all seriousness. I'm a TT. Noelle's TT. I'll be the best one that I can be for her. Here comes some good use of my frequent flyer miles.

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