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What Up Doe!!

My view from my room in Downtown Detroit

Reflect. Learn. Embraced.

Most of you know I'm from Michigan. Lansing is where I grew up. My Dad is from Detroit. I've been there so many times that I've lost count. Visiting my Grandmother, family, friends, Tigers & Pistons games, a night of dinner & good times at jazz clubs & festivals. I have great memories of Detroit and somehow, I don't think I fully embraced the beauty of this city until recently when I was invited to host my podcast live, for the first time ever!

I was honored to asked by my friend Ria to do my show at the Detroit Historical Museum (which is a MUST to visit) as part of an incredible weekend for Club Quarantine Detroit, an event hosted by DJ D-Nice. I was already excited for that alone because he was coming to the North, and at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater was going to be epic! I wanted to really do my best and take the audience on an adventure with me at this CQ Meetup, to hear from others attending about their love of music, CQ, but those who are from Detroit, share about their love of the city they are proudly from. I was in awe of what I learned from others that night, and had the opportunity to explore through the museum to learn about its rich history. Media sometimes depicts images of Detroit as slums, empty buildings, homelessness, which breaks my heart because there is beauty in this city. Despite visiting here so many times, there was a couple of historical places that I've NEVER seen up close or been too: The Spirit Of Detroit Statue, & Joe Louis 'The Fist' Monument Shocking, right? So with the suggested of a local resident, my friend Laney took us around the beautiful city. And now I can official say that I saw these historical images.

Standing in front of the monument Joe Louis'The Fist'

With my friends Myra, Laney (who took us here), Tina & I in front of 'The Spirit Of Detroit'.

My takeaway from all of this was that I grew more in love with the state I'm so proud to be from, the appreciation of the city where my Dad is from, where he was raised, and from the stories I heard that evening, the love for a city that is on the rise and thriving!

Oh, by the way...I had the opportunity to meet this Motown legend that night too! The incomparable Martha Reeves from 'Martha Reeves & The Vandellas'! My Late Grandma Washington would have been "Dancing In The Street"!


Must visit places in Detroit:

-Detroit Historical Museum

-Motown Hitsville, USA

-Take in a pro sports game (if in season)

Thank you Detroit! Until next time, "What Up Doe!"


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