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What Does This Mean?

I'm naturally a cheerful person. I recently asked

someone how they were doing, and their answer to me was quite surprising. They said" oh, it's Monday I have a case of the Mondays." Case of the Mondays? I've never heard of anything like that, nor did I know that there was a thing of a bit of being a case, I was taken aback by the response from the person, but it didn't derail me from having a great day, as I always try to do. But then the more I thought about it, I wondered just exactly what is the case of the Mondays and so I decided to Google it. It states, 'A phrase used to describe someone that has a bad mood when he or she comes to work or school on Mondays.'

That is fascinating to me that one day out of the entire week, seven days are in a week, and Monday has to be the automatic predictor of how bad the day is going to be? Why does any day have to be a bad day? Sure we have bad moments, it happens, but one day coming off of a weekend, has to be labeled as being a bad one?

So why don't we do this and start making each day and every day the best that we can make it be. there was a quote from a previous job that I used to work at that said" always be better than your previous best". When you wake up in the morning, do you confess your day? What words do you tell yourself? What is your mantra, your mission statement over you? We need set ourselves up for success or failure when it comes to the day ahead.

No more using the excuse of "Case Of The Mondays" to start off a fresh brand new week. Choose what you say over your days, wisely. And if those moments that rattle your day get to you, don't let them derail you.

You got this Heard That Nation!! Make it a case to have better days!


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