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A Lesson From Pizza…

My husband and I celebrated our 12th year anniversary on June 17th. It was a luxury for me that it was on a weekend, and that we both had that off to celebrate. In the industry that I'm in, hospitality industry, weekends off are few and far on between.

We have some big trips that were coming up so I knew that something glamorous like a getaway or dripping in diamonds was out of the question.

We saw this restaurant that husband wanted to try and it was almost an hour away. Adventurers that we are, we gassed up the truck & off we went! Our conversation was full of what items we were getting, the calories that we weren't counting, and leftovers we were going to enjoy all weekend. After we arrived, we could smell the gloriousness of the food. It drew us in as if it was a person taking our hands to lead us in the door. We saw that there was a small line, but understood due to the ratings it received on social media. After 10 minutes of the line not moving, the worst news was announced to us excited, hungry patrons....

They ran out of food. Sold out. Nothing left.

Are you kidding me? After and hour travel...WHAT?!?

IOU coupons were passed out. We got to the front and my husband asked if there was anything left as we had traveled far, they did bless us with two pieces of cake, which were officially the only things they had left.

Back in the car. Disappointed, and wondering what to do next. Tim saw a Pizza Patron that sparked his interest, and so pizza it was. Delicious, hot, but not what I expected as an anniversary dinner. We headed back home, and I was still disappointed in the wasted trip and the disappointment of how everything turned out. I guess deep down, I wanted more. The hotel. The getaway. The rose petals. The romantic ambiance. WAS I BEING SELFISH???

Answer: yes

I've been married before (that's a blog for another day). The man that God gave me, has been with me through my ups, downs, my failures, my successes, and more. I forgot about the gratitude of our union. I made it be about material and not about love. I didn't even take a moment to acknowledge how I'm honored to be his wife. The reality kicked in that I have so much of this love for this man that I'm thankful for and that came to me from a pizza box.

So, no, it wasn't to fancy ambience that I desired, but the man that I desired, who sat across from me in the pizza restaurant, and that makes my heart smile from the day that we were married, in that small courthouse, all over again.

What lessons have you learn from your relationship during your anniversary? Let me know! I would love to hear your stories!

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