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Atlantis And Shining Stars

Verzuz on Easter night made many people get their plans out of the way earlier. And it was all worth it.

My SUPER FAN Heard Take:


It took me a few days after this glorious event happened on Easter Sunday. It's one thing to have the beauty of music to bring many people together, but thanks to the powers of Timbaland and Swizz Beats, Verzuz broke all kinds of records with over a BILLION, with a B, watching all over the world.

The serious music sites on social media may have been keeping score on who won this battle, but as I said in the beginning when 'Verzuz' came to being, are we seriously seeing these as battles? We ALL won when it was Patti vs Gladys, Jill vs Erykah, Monica vs Brandy, and of course my favorite (until this one happened), DeAngelo vs absolutely NO ONE, because he didn't need it! This however, was the reason why I appreciate the beauty of vinyl records, 8 track tapes, and Delta 88's. With D Nice in the dj set in his full element and doing what he does best, Steve Harvey got to host his ultimate dream of a lifetime during this celebration and that was his music heroes, Earth Wind & Fire (Phillip Bailey, Ralph Johnson, & Verdine White) & The Isley Brothers (Ernie Isley & Ronald Isley).

It was already going to be a longer event than expected because you knew that Steve Harvey as host, was going to ask questions to the groups, as well share stories about how some of the music impacted his journey growing up in Chicago. And if you've been watching Verzuz for awhile, both sides get at least 90 seconds to share their song, option to sing along with their well know hit, and moves on with the other artist to respond. That was NOT happening with these legends. What was a beautiful, masterclass musical journey, turned into a 4 hour showcase of both sides bringing their timeless classics. EWF around the second or third song in, they got themselves off the couch, and already, you knew the party was about to get hot! 'Let's Groove Tonight', 'Reasons', 'Love's Holliday', 'Devotion', 'Boogie Wonderland' (Maurice White and The Emotions...PERFECTION), 'Shining Star' (MY ULTIMATE FAV!!) brought me back to the days of my Mom wearing her EWF tee, bell bottomed pants, feathered perfectly curled hair, platform wedges, dancing with me around the house to these hits. But of course, the Isley's responded with their timeless classics, and I promise you when Ron (decked out in a hat, fur coat, full CLEAN White beard, and that cane, walking in so smooth) he and Ernie (who knocked it out of the park on his guitar) was going to not disappoint. 'Love The One Your With', '(At Your Best) You Are Loved)' , 'Harvest For The World', 'Footsteps In The Dark', 'Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time For Love), and of course 'Voyage to Atlantis', WHEEEEWWWWEEEEEE!!!

I'm not admit to say that I may or may have not cried at least 10 times and "fainted" almost 20. It was a concert that you could have dreamt of that those (like myself) who have not seen these legends live, got to see thanks to the power of Instagram and Triller, who acquired Verzuz before this new season of great celebrations kicked off. Many said that with the night belonged to the Isley Brothers because of their lineup of song in some of the later rounds that stole the show with Ron, at almost 80 years old (gasp!) delivered flawlessly! But EWF, Philip Bailey showed, to me, he's STILL the King of Falsetto. He delivered even on a duet he did with another great, Phil Collins, 'Easy Lover' and held his own singing his part. I didn't want it to end (despite having to get up early the next day) because of the rich, soulful, music legends that was on that stage. For that, a child of the 70's and now, I'm soulfully grateful.

I'm ready for Verzuz! Who's next?

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