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Birthday Wish

I'm doing something special to celebrate my birthday! Here's how you can help make my wish come true!

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I'll be a 'young' 48 on Friday, the 5th. I'm so grateful for another year of life where I can fully embrace all that God had done for me. I always take the time to breathe in the goodness of life, but I also wonder what kind of positive impact can I do for the community?

I was living in Columbus, OH at the time, with my husband, when he told me that we were moving to Texas. I was excited, but a little nervous about the move because we had just built a house and I was enjoying life (yes, even as a Michigan fan, lol) enjoying the city. Right around the time that we listed our house, I was watch a Facebook live and it was a place called, Minnie's Food Pantry, and the woman that was speaking was the founder, Cheryl 'Action' Jackson. She was talking about what was going on inside the pantry, the volunteers that were there that day were doing various tasks from serving the community their monthly food service, some were making the nonperishable food boxes, some were making produce bags, and meat bags. The overall thing that intrigued me was the fun! There was singing, laughter, the clients receiving service felt welcomed and that was something that I've NEVER seen at a food pantry! I was reading the chats and started to jump in to respond by typing that I was moving to Texas. Then in the midst of all that was going on, Cheryl called me out! "HEY MARISA!! YOU MOVING TO TEXAS!! GOOD!! I BETTER SEE YOU HERE WHEN YOU ARRIVE!!"

Wait...WHAT?? WOW!! Uh....OK!!

That was all the thoughts that was going in my mind, but mostly joy since I loved being involved in the community, and serving at various non profit organizations. Fast forward 6 years later, and I LOVE this wonderful pantry, which is known as "The Happy Place", and believe me, it really is!

I started last year on my 47th to raise money for Minnie's because I know that there were many people that I've met who have received monthly service from them. I could fill up this blog with the vast amount of stories were shared with me about what MFP meant to them. Just $1 provides 3 meals! Incredible, right! The joy of knowing that their will be food on their tables, is comforting to know. The problem of hunger unfortunately still exists, and the wonderful things last year for my birthday fundraiser, the community that donated, helped me raise $530!

Now I asking for you help. I want to SMASH last years total and I know that with your support #HeardThat Nation, we can help those in need of food, of water, like many who due this unfortunate snow storm here in Texas that caused pipes to bust and flood houses, no electricity, no running water. My hope is Friday, March 5th, my birthday, that I walk in with a check surpassing $530 to Minnie's Food Pantry because of you all that helped me reach my goal! The unique way for you to donate is to use the number 48! ($4.80, $48, $480, etc.)

Here's the links on how you can donate:

Cash App: $MarisaTig

Venmo: @Marisa-Tigney

PayPal: @MarisaTigney

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Alex Bryant
Alex Bryant
02. März 2021

Donated! Happy Birthday Marisa.

Gefällt mir
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