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Cash vs Character

Cash is king now the PGA merges with LIV, Saudia Arabia backed golf association.

For over a year, the back & forth of PGA & LIV. We'll know famous golf stars like Phil Mickleson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka joined LIV as for them, it was better opportunity & better treatment for them as players.

Media photo via Twitter (@reflog_18)

Now the news has come out on June 6th, that the merger of PGA, LIV & DP World Tour. When the news broke of the merger, let's just say...the ceiling fell in.

Current PGA players who turned down millions, MILLIONS to stay loyal to the PGA & its current commissioner Jay Monahan IV. Just last year, Monahan was against the LIV and it's players that were joining them. His words about 911 spoke volumes through many tv sets & streaming services quoting "Have you ever had to apologize for being a member of the PGA Tour?"

Now an about-face, a blindsided move, if you will to those who stayed (Rory & Tiger turned down $1.5 BILLION combined, respectively). Monahan is celebrating this as a landmark move that brings all golf together, but is it about being "all" of golf together? Is it about the all mighty dollar? To give no warning to the players who stayed loyal, who turned down millions, and no heads up? Business as usual? This story is only getting started.

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