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Dear Sheila,

Sheila Ford Hamp made her first major move in the Detroit Lions organization as the woman in charge. As a loyal fan, I have a request..

Photo: Detroit Lions on Twitter

My Heard Take:

I appreciate what Sheila Ford Hamp did in this decision to make a coaching and GM change for the Detroit Lions. Of course fans like myself and many others delighted in the fact that finally something was done about this atrocious almost three seasons under Matt Patricia. 13-29-1. That record and every joke and jab from sports columnists to sports reporters in the media, the pain and embarrassment of being a horrible team again is finally over...for now. So a coach and a GM has been fired. We as Lions fans have seen this wash, rinse, repeat process before, I mean they fired a coach who had winning seasons in Jim Caldwell, because he "could win the big games". So as you see in the above statement from Sheila Ford Hamp, I would like to extend one to her. Who knows, maybe she'll read it? Let's give it a shot, shall we:

Dear Sheila,

Thank you. Thank you for taking over the reigns of this organization. This team, my team, many of my fellow Honolulu Blue for life fans LOVE THIS TEAM! Despite the lack of wins, the winless season we suffered through, the glimpses of mini post season hopes, and numerous amount of talent that have graced our presence for many seasons, we are still hope that maybe that someday to a post season run, a chance to the Super Bowl and possibly winning it is in reach.

Many fans have expressed their hopes of who should be the new head coach, but here's my request of the selection process. No, it isn't a name (thought trust, I have a few), it's a request of this: take the time to make sure the person selected is right for EVERYONE. What do I mean? Can the new Head Coach and GM bring a team together on and off the field? Can they make it about the team and not about self? What about involving current players , leaders of this team, in the interviewing process? Can this future HC and GM make a team believe in the vision of what they will do for the team and take them to where they can go? In video from the previous seasons, I saw the visibility of body language from past and present Lions players after a win that were not buying what Coach Patricia was saying. They were going along with the motions and it was quite obvious. For the sake of those who are on this team and those who are part of this organization, buying into what the leadership is key. Can this happen? I believe it can.

Its obvious this fan base has had its share of heartbreak, disappointment, the revolving door of coaches & players, letdowns, paper bags on their heads, memes, but there has been moments of comeback wins, upsets, the magical runs of Sims, Sanders, Megatron, and many others. I trust that you and the Lions front office will do a great job in selecting the right person for the job. I hope it is a person that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk for the team to buy into the vision. And may that spill over to us, the fans, who will stay, and be dedicated, because we are ready for this team to finally take the car of park, and turn the corner and lead us to the victories. And yes, a Super Bowl championship.


Committed to the Honolulu Blue for LIFE

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