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Moments of Gratitude in The Chaos

As 2020 ends, here's are my 10 great moments from this crazy year.

My Heard Takeaway:

What. A. Year.

I, like so many people, was ready for 2020 to end. To say that this year was horrible, is an understatement. But as I sit here and type and reflect of this year coming to a close, and on the cusp of 2021, there were, believe it or not, some good moments for me. A few of them great. I had to sit in the stillness for a moment to actually think about what good came out of this year. Christmas Day was interrupted with the death of my beautiful cousin, and that was the breaking point for this year. But I thought about her beautiful life, the memories we had together, and from that I thought about other great and wonderful things that happened to me during this year. And so, here is my Top Ten Moments of Gratitude in the Year Of Chaos:

10. I started a podcast/blog during this pandemic at my kitchen table. Thank you Alex Bryant for helping me make this happen and your vision was more than what I could every imagine!

9. My Nephew came and lived with us for is his Senior year, and though it was interrupted, he finished and ended up graduating AND his family got to see it all happen. So proud of you Elijah!

8. I met some of the most amazing people with the opportunity to continue to serve the community at Minnie's Food Pantry. Every single one of those people are my extended family and I'm forever grateful.

7. My side of the family got promoted to Grandparents, Auntie & Uncle with the birth of our my beautiful niece, Noelle. She is beautiful and perfect.

6. My sister asking me to be part of the labor and delivery of my niece. It was an experience like no other, and I applaud every single Mother. You all are the REAL MVP's! (In my Kevin Durant voice)

5. Trevor Romain. He is one of the sponsors of the Heard That! Podcast and when I tell you that he is such a great soul with a great heart. Talking with him on a previous episode was absolutely everything! (Please take a listen)

4. All the great support from so many people, from emails, calls, texts, people that fully believed in me to make this passion of talking about sports, movies & entertainments a reality, I'm forever thankful! Myron who jumped on board as my first sponsor, I thank you sir!

3. DJ D-Nice and Club Quarantine. If you don't know who he is or have heard of him, please check him out on IG. He literally saved the sanity of everyone's mental on March 18th by starting playing music. It has grown into a world wide phenomenon and I'm grateful for him and the great people I met because of him. (They will be on future episodes and I can't wait!!)

2. My husband telling me to go for it and has been a support since! Thank you babe!


MY LIFE!!! The ups and the downs, furloughed, the highs and the lows, I'm still here and so thankful. God has and continues to be so great to me. I thank Him to the fullest!

I'm thankful for each one of you that have been following this journey of mine since the beginning, and those who recently joined and for that, I'm thankful. So here's to a better, brighter, healthier 2021. Cheers!

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