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Right On Time

Drew Pearson's time for Pro Football Hall of Fame is here...FINALLY!

Photo:Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson and I

My Heard Take:

NFL Draft, April 28, 2017. Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Legend, was announcing the pick for the Cowboys. Sounds amazing, right? Except that year, the draft happened to be in Philadelphia. If you are a football fan, you KNOW that the dislike of the Cowboys and the Eagles are quite strong. I watched in absolute amazement as Mr. Pearson took the podium , he did the most brilliant thing I've ever seen, he trolled the Eagles fans by opening up with "How about them Cowboys!" This was and has been the BEST NFL Draft opening speech and pick announcement ever. He didn't even miss a word and stayed on task as the barrage of 'boos' overshadowed the few Cowboys fans cheering him on. What surprised even after that epic announcement was that this man, Mr #88, the 'Hail Mary' epic catch from Roger Staubach in 1975 playoff win against the Vikings, 3 time Pro Bowler, 3x First Team All-Pro, in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor, was not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then came January 15th, 2020. This was televised, and every fan of Pearson, every Cowboys fan who had the privilege of watch his career thought that would be the day his name was going to be announced. It wasn't.

Tears. Shock. Stunned faces the camera was able to capture during that live moment.

"They broke my heart", he said. Many of us who watched that moment, ours did too.

Fast forward to 8 months later. Pearson shared the story of what happened when he was at Minnie's Food Pantry serving Thanksgiving meals to the Veterans. He was doing work in his yard when he got the call on his phone. It was an area code from Canton, OH. I was listening to his absolute joy when he told the story that he didn't have to wait another full year to be possibly chosen, he WAS IN! I found it interesting while he was telling the story about getting the call, that he said everything leading up to that was "right on time". A 37 year wait was right on time? When I asked him about it, he gave the full credit to God and referred to Jeremiah 29:11, that God knew a plan for him and that He will make that plan come to pass. Despite the length of time it took for him to get this honor and will finally be recognized next year, Mr. Pearson knew that his time was coming and he was at peace with it after the heartbreak in January.

Right on time. Sometimes things that we want in our lives to happen quickly, may take awhile and it can be frustrating not knowing and understanding the why. Drew Pearson waited 37 years to get that call. As he brilliantly said it when he was sharing his story, "The sun broke through the storm!" Indeed it did!

He said he's going to make sure they get that Gold Jacket fitted on him just right, and as for his speech....take your time Drew Pearson. Take. Your. Time.

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