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The Will Of A Champion

Alex Smith's perseverance & determination already proved that he is one without a title needed.

Image & message from Elizabeth Smith's Instagram.

November 18, 2018.

I, like many football fans around the world, were taking in the joys of watching the sport we all love. For the Washington (formerly known as the Redskins) it would be moment in front of a packed crowd, and nervous silence and a concern for their starting quarterback. Seeing Alex Smith lay on the turf, holding his right leg, immediately took back to the images of another football great who played for Washington, Joe Theismann. The injury the Theismann suffered however, a compound fracture to his tibia and fibula, would end his career in 1985. I was up on my feet watching Alex get tended to by the trainers and medical staff and my first initial reaction was possibly it was his ACL, that he'll bounce back the next season, no big deal. To everyone later on listening and watching the sports news media would find out, it was something more serious than that. A similar compound fracture that Theismann suffered and ended his career, with modern technology, Smith should be able to fully heal, go through the proper way of regaining strength in his leg and be back better than ever on the football field. Unfortunately things didn't go the way as play in his recovery as Smith developed an infection in his leg after his surgery, and the journey of will he need to amputated were starting to be discussed. I could never imagine what he, his wife, and their children and extended family went through until I watched a great piece on ESPN 'E-60' called "Project 11" (which I highly recommend to watch) where Smith & his wife recount the moments after his injury. Here's what I will say after I watched his story and then watch it again: Alex Smith is one of the greatest men (not just athlete) that I've ever seen. To go through recovery, questions and doubts, his family being right there every surgery, every setback, every moment of will he or won't he ever walk again, let alone live, is remarkable. The audacity of strength and determination, not just the body, but the mind, to have it be in sync with one another to make this incredible recovery, still has me in awe. I have to admit, I was one of those who said that he career was over, and the the greatest achievement is that if he can walk again, be there with his family, that is an accomplishment in itself.

They saved his leg. They saved his life.

Hold up? He's coming to come back and play football? How is that possible?

Determination and perseverance, ladies and gentlemen. Alex Smith had it. Alex Smith was going to make it happen. And he did.

After 742 days away from throwing a pass in a game, on October 11th, 2020, Alex Smith was back after an injury took out starter Kyle Allen in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Rams. Seeing him run out onto to the field was exciting, but I feel myself, along with everyone else, saying prayers with a little bit of nervousness, hoping the offensive line does its job to protect him. They did lose to the Rams that day, but seeing him run out into the field, complete passes and trying to rally his team around him was instant. The camera captured a live shot of his wife and kids watching from the stands and when that happened for me, let's just say I had to grab some tissues. He will lead the Washington Football Team in the postseason after winning the NFC East Title. And yes, he has my vote hands down for Comeback Player of The Year.

My Heard Take:

Elizabeth Smith perfectly summarized what they went through in the image of the brace she had made into a trophy. Perseverance and determination. I believe one can not were without the other, especially when it comes to challenging obstacles in our life. We can rise above the challenges in our life by surrounding ourselves with like minded people who will help us overcome, push through the difficulty, keep us focused on the 'can' and not the 'can not', the 'will', not the 'will not'. What is it that you need to overcome in your life? Are you determined to overcome it? Activate your determination and your perseverance now!

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