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Well, hello…again!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I've heard of writers block. But for it to be over a year since my last dear readers, forgive me.

Let's start over and build our relationship better, shall we?

Hello! I'm Marisa. I'm a wife, sister, friend, passionate of helping the community, entrepreneur, and a podcaster on the come up. The podcasting journey has been a fun, crazy, awesome one so far. I'm grateful for those who have stuck with me from the beginning, when this all started in the Fall of 2020.

I'm a fan of sports, pop culture, and entertainment that wanted to have a show for fans like me. I also had people during that difficult year wanted to have a safe space, and outlet for mental health & wellness. I too that on too.

I've meet the most extraordinary people, everyday people, those in media, television, sports heroes, and their stories have reached through the ear waves as well the visuals of YouTube. What do all the guests have in common? They are all connected. A story, a moment in their hope is through this show, is connection.

How can I stay connected with you? Drop an email for more blogs, new episodes coming up, and more exciting things!


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